Howdy, I'm Ry!

I'm a user-centered product designer with a background in small business and publishing. I love using my unique past experience as a business owner and my passion for user research to help companies big and small find the sweet spot between what's right for them and their users — and delivering pixel perfect solutions that hit the bullseye.

I'm currently looking for work, so if you're searching for an ambitious designer with a varied skill set and background, don't hesitate to reach out!

Case Studies

The real meat and potatoes, these projects demonstrate my end-to-end design process and thinking.


User Research, Leadership, Web3

Kadet Crypto Wallet

Lead user researcher on a new cross-chain crypto wallet browser extension built on the Kadena blockchain.


Visual Design, Design Systems, iOS

Rank Lists

An iOS app designed on commission to help indepedent authors track their book sales rankings.


User Research, Responsive Design

Allegiant Air Redesign

Redesigning Allegiant's booking flow to make it easier and less frustrating for first-time customers.

Side Projects

From design challenges to game jams, these are the design projects I've done for growth and fun.


UX/UI Design, Design Challenge, Web3

Reserve Crypto Marketplace

Creating a new chat-based marketplace app for Android powered by the Reserve stablecoin.


UI Design, Visual Design, Design Challenge

Mixtape Social Playlists

A social playlist application designed with retro flair to make music sharing more personal.


Game Design, UX/UI Design, Game Jam

Hungry Hound

A cute PC game designed as part of a small team in a week-long game jam.



Tech Fleet Community DAO

Ry is one of the strongest leaders I’ve ever worked with in Tech Fleet. They fly in the face of adversity and radiate confidence.

It takes someone really adaptable to succeed in lean and early stage startups; someone who knows how to float through uncertainty and create clarity for the product to move forward. Ry hits all of these.

Morgan Denner, founder



Ry is quite literally one of the best designers, if not the best, we've worked with at Beacon. Their graphic design background compliments their product design skill set incredibly well. 

As a designer myself, I know Ry is incredibly talented and can take on any project from web to mobile.

Javi Correa, co-founder