Hi, I’m Ry. Oh, that rhymes.
Anyway, I’m a product designer.
Pleased to meetcha!👋


I’m an insightful, geeky designer with a playful yet professional attitude and a passion for making a difference in people’s lives through design.

Btw, I’m looking for work! If you need a Chronically Online™ designer with a diverse background and skill set, then you can stop looking because you’ve found them.

Don’t be shy! Hit me up so we can dig deep with your users and make some cool stuff together. 👀

Latest work


Xbox Game Pass Discoverability

Adding a suite of game discoverability features to the Xbox Game Pass app for consoles.


Zeit Time Travel

A responsive e-commerce website for a conceptual time travel company selling package vacations to the past.


Queerly LGBTQIA+ therapy

An app designed to help members of the LGBTQ+ community find supportive and informed therapists.