I’m Ry Kron. It rhymes with “Hi, phone”.

I'm super proud of my winding journey to product design. I studied journalism and graphic design in college, then got hired doing tech support for Apple. Spending 40+ hours a week repeatedly solving common user problems made me wonder: "What if we designed solutions that mitigated these calls?" That started me down the path of user experience and product design.
But I got sidetracked when I self-published a novel while still working for Apple. I didn't expect anything to come of it, but the book rocketed up the Amazon charts, which spurred me to start a pair of companies in independent publishing and book cover design. Since then, I've published 30+ original novels, designed dozens of covers for independent authors, and developed sharp storytelling, client management, and presentation skills as a result.
Then, like many people, the COVID-19 pandemic upended my career. As disposable income dried up, so did my book sales. I had to pivot, and as the whole world became dependent on digital products, I realized there would never be a better time for me to return to product design. I hate that the pandemic happened and what it's cost us, but I also have it to thank for leading me back to where I belong in design.
Outside of design, I’m an avid gamer and reader. If I'm not at my computer, you’ll likely find me playing my Xbox or glued to my Kindle. My mom jokes that I’ve probably spent more time with a screen than I have with her… I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit she’s right. ?